Printing for Event Managers

When you're organising an event - be it a corporate affair, a charity fundraiser, or the event of the year for the jetset and glitterati then one thing is for certain - you need to get the word out there so that people actually turn up to the event. More than that, you want to ensure that people are excited so that they want to show up. Image is everything and you want to be sure that your communications and printed documents for the event accurately represent the style you are going for. Below, we have outlined what we believe to be some of the most important print considerations for Event Managers.

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No event planning is complete without an invitation being sent to the potential guest list which details the time, place, and dress code for the event. Invitations should be the embodiment of the style that you are looking to achieve with the event - be it chic and sophisticated or fun and wacky. Fortunately, through working with a professional print company such as ours, there are infinite customisation options at your fingertips so that you can easily get across the image that you are trying to portray. Customisation options range from selecting templates and fonts, to choosing an appropriate finish and paper type. If you are uncertain about any part of this process, our experts are constantly on hand to assist.


If the events that you are managing are public affairs, then you may wish to promote them locally in order to create some interest and buzz around them and encourage more people to attend. Flyers are a cost effective way to reach a large number of people in a short space of time. They can be pushed through mail boxes, handed out to passers by, displayed in store fronts and communal notice boards and used as inserts for local publications.

Promotional Posters

Add an extra layer to your low cost local marketing strategy by creating some attention grabbing promotional posters to advertise the event. These can be displayed in the local area prior to the event taking place, and showcased outside the location at the time of the event in order to draw more people inside.

Why choose us for your printing needs?

When it comes to event planning, we understand that some events can be impromptu, with the requirement for print orders to be processed with lightning fast speed - something which is certainly one of our strong points. We are established experts in the printing industry that understand the importance of our customers being able to order and receive high quality printed goods with a fast turnaround. With just a few clicks, our customers can place an order which will be processed and dispatched typically within 24 hours. We have substantial prior experience in assisting Event Managers with their printing needs and as such, if you require any guidance in creating and selecting your print documents, or choosing a suitable template we can certainly help. So what are you waiting for? Place your print order with us today and receive your items in next to no time!


We offer free templates to create and print your documents online. We can even create bespoke templates for you. Alternatively, upload your own designs in PDF format. We can handle files any size up to A0 and of any number of pages, offering many different paper and impositions options.