Printing for Conference Organisers

Organising and hosting a conference can be daunting. Whatever the nature of your conference (academic, professional, sales) then it's imperative that you deliver the topics and material in a way that buys your audience in to what you're telling them and enables them to easily understand the discussion. Adopting a professional approach is key to that - nobody is going to take you seriously if your approach to the presentation and the associated documents you use to support your discussion are all higgledy piggledy. We've outlined some of the crucial considerations when it comes to printed documents for Conference Organisers below.

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Business Documents

Perhaps you want to refer to some specific facts and statistics during your conference presentation - Sales were up by a certain percentage in one particular month, or adversely, September was a particularly concerning time for the business. Of course, you can present this data on a graph or chart with your projector, but usually it's useful for those attending to be able to see exactly what you are referring to and so taking relevant business documents as handouts to distribute can be useful. When you have to print in bulk, it actually works out more economical for you to do so via a professional print company, and doing so also helps ensure that your documents are of a high quality.

Spiral Binding

During your presentation, you are likely to be asking attendees to refer to specific graphs, charts and other relevant data sources. Rather than have these potentially get lost as lose handouts, or risk attendees not being on the correct page, spiral binding helps you keep all the documents together in one place. The beauty of this is also that those attending the conference can also lay the spiral bound book flat on the desk, rather than it bouncing closed like a regular book.


Depending on the purpose of your conference, printed brochures may or may not be relevant. However, if you are presenting something such as a new range of products, or business branding and redesign, brochures are a great way to showcase these aspects to attendees in stunning, high resolution.


If you are hosting a conference, particularly one that involves the potential attendance of third parties such as Suppliers or other professional contacts, then invitations are a nice personalised touch, rather than an email invite that could potentially get lost in somebody's spam folder. Using one of our templates, you can create attractive, bespoke invitations that perfectly embody your business.

Promotional Posters

Posters scattered around the conference hall that detail information such as the event schedule and the associated timings are just one added level of professionalism and are a nice to have.

Why choose us for your printing needs?

Our print service offering for business documents and other conference printing products is extremely user-friendly and easy to use, even for the most inexperienced print order customer! We seamlessly connect our printers with internet users nationwide, making it possible for them to select templates and designs for their documents and place an order with just one click! Whether you have an idea in mind as to what you would like the layout of your documents to look like, or you need assistance with formulating a captivating style, we are here to help you every step of the way. With an array of designs available via our site, you will certainly not be stuck for ideas for creating an attractive template for your conference printing documents!


We offer free templates to create and print your documents online. We can even create bespoke templates for you. Alternatively, upload your own designs in PDF format. We can handle files any size up to A0 and of any number of pages, offering many different paper and impositions options.