Why printed manuals are so useful?

Published: 2017-09-01

Why printed manuals are so useful?

Printed manuals can come in a variety of forms depending on the specific business in question. Manuals typically exist to serve the same purpose regardless of business niche. Essentially, manuals are guides that are created with the intention of providing guidance or instruction for completing a certain task. For example, manuals that accompany DIY furniture provide the user with step-by-step instructions with regards to how the item should be set-up and installed. Manuals for computers may provide advice detailing installation. Manuals for all product types may also cover troubleshooting advice that discusses what the user should do in the event of a problem. Depending on the type of business that you have, you may or may not benefit from creating printed manuals, however if your business covers any type of technical or electronic products, or DIY set ups, having printed manuals enclosed with customer orders will be preferable. 

Assessing the benefits of printed manuals

If you are uncertain as to whether you require printed manuals in accompaniment of your product, or you are unsure as to whether having printed manuals be beneficial or not, we have outlined several of the benefits of having printed manuals below.

Manuals enclose a wide array of information in one location - Manuals are a great place to centralise all relevant information about a product or service - from technical support, to frequently asked questions, warranty information, product installation guidelines and contact information. Manuals cover virtually all bases when it comes to potential queries a customer may have about the product so in most circumstances, it’s beneficial to provide customers with manuals.

Manuals can help decrease the amount of post-purchase support you have to offer - When customers have a query related to a product that they have purchased, or they are experiencing difficulty with something, their automatic reaction if they aren’t provided with manuals is to contact the retailer or manufacturer which they bought the product from. If they have product manuals readily available on hand for them to consult for information, they can resolve the matter themselves. Providing manuals as an accompaniment to certain product purchases gives you the opportunity to enclose answers to frequently asked questions and problems. This means that by creating manuals for your products you are able to reduce the amount of calls you get back from customers and also, time spent answering these calls and resolving the issues.

Manuals show that you care - By providing product manuals even where you are not legally obligated to, it demonstrates to your customers that you genuinely care about them and their experience with your products as opposed to being a business that simply wants to make a sale and then wipe their hands of all involvement. Having manuals in place can help build your customers long term trust in you and help you to sustain them as a loyal customer.

Manuals can be tailor made for their application - Print companies such as FilePrint offer manuals that can be created with various laminations and protection. This can be extremely beneficial depending on the particular environment in which the manuals are likely to be used. (For example, manuals for use in oily, greasy garages and workspaces). For general product use though, manuals can be created extremely cost-effectively - since manuals are instructional documents, they do not need a lot of visuals or expensive printing.

Manuals are user-friendly - From a customer perspective, manuals are much more user-friendly to use for finding the answers to product queries than having to trawl through the internet or try and reach out to the business. If customers can easily reach for their manuals and answer their concerns themselves, they are also likely to be much calmer and happier than if they have to search the internet for an answer or wait in a hold queue to speak to an advisor from your company.


Why choose us for your printed manuals?

At FilePrint, we are experts in our field and can tailor make printed manuals for your business that are created specifically with the intended use and application of the manuals in mind. Our expert print staff can assist you in selecting styles and print quality for manuals that suit whichever purpose they are intended for.

Our print service offering for printed manuals s extremely user-friendly and easy to use, even for the most inexperienced print order customer! We seamlessly connect our printers with internet users nationwide, making it possible for them to select options for their printed manuals and place an order for said printed manuals  with just one click Whether you have an idea in mind as to what you would like your printed manuals to look like,and which specific products you would like to brand or you need assistance, we are here to help you every step of the way.


All of our customer’s orders for printed manuals are processed and shipped usually within 24 hours so they will be in the business owner’s hands and ready to use almost immediately. So what are you waiting for? Print with us today and ensure that you have the relevant printed manuals in place for your products when they are up for dispatch, and let your customers know that excellent service is at the forefront of your mind.