What are the advantages of spiral binding?

Published: 2017-11-22

What are the advantages of spiral binding?

Spiral binding is a common method of binding the pages of a book or other long form printed publication together (For example, a research project or a University thesis). Also commonly referred to as coil binding, spiral binding entails joining the pages of the book together with a coil (typically made from metal or durable plastic) and then having all of the pages enclosed together with some form of laminated or protective plastic cover. Spiral binding can be a useful method to choose in a number of environments - whether for professional, personal, or academic needs.

Why is spiral binding necessary?

Spiral binding is an incredibly flexible, low cost, and attractive way of producing printed books and long form documents and with our efficient service, ordering spiral binding online is easier than ever! If you’re still on the fence about whether you should opt for spiral binding or another method, we have outlined some of the benefits of spiral binding below.

Spiral binding may be a prerequisite for academic work - Some academic institutions may require that their students submit their work only once they have had spiral binding applied to the printed documents. For university masters projects and dissertations, students can actually lose marks or be requested to re-submit their work again if they do not get the necessary spiral binding applied to their projects. On site spiral binding facilities at universities and colleges often see incredibly lengthy queues on the build up to the submission date so by ordering spiral binding online, students skip the queue and simply wait for their spiral binding online order to drop through their letter box!

Spiral binding offers 360 degree page turning - One of the great benefits of spiral binding is the flexibility that it offers you with your printed content. Spiral binding allows you to fold the pages within the booklet all the way back on themselves, so that in an academic or professional environment, it’s very easy to flick back and forth to refer to various pages for reference and for taking notes. Spiral binding is often more convenient than bulkier forms of combining documentation.

Spiral binding offers longevity on printed documents - Either at work, home, or for study, sometimes it’s necessary and useful to print out guides and documents that we can use as resources and refer to again and again. Continued use of paper documents can cause damage, wear and tear so opting for spiral binding to join the pages together and laminate them ensures that no stray pages get lost, and that the documents are more protected against water damage, and other damaging factors.

Spiral binding is a suitable option regardless of publication size - Whether you have a publication that you want to apply spiral binding to that is only 10 pages long, or a publication that is over 500, spiral binding is a feasible option because we offer a vast array of coil sizes to suit the particular width of the book in question.

Spiral binding is convenient and easily available - Spiral binding is among the cheapest of options for combining the pages of a book or long form document together. Spiral binding allows you to make your long form documents look more professional at a relatively low cost, and by ordering your spiral binding online through our site, the process to get this completed is effortless as we can both print and complete spiral binding on your required documents.

Turning pages is easier with spiral binding - Doesn’t it drive you mad when you’re working from a hard or soft back book, trying to refer to a particular page and the book keeps closing itself so you have to physically hold it open? You have none of that with spiral binding as you can simply lay the document flat and work from it easily.

Why choose us for your spiral binding online order?

Our spiral binding online order service is extremely user-friendly and easy to use, even for the most inexperienced spiral binding customer! We seamlessly connect our processing systems with internet users across the country making it easy and possible for them to complete their spiral binding online order at the simple click of a button. Whether you’re accustomed to ordering spiral binding online or this is your very first spiral binding online order, we are able to assist you every step of the way. With an area of binding diameters and colours available, you are able to customise your spiral binding online order and make it look attractive as well as practical.

When you choose us for placing your spiral binding online order you are guaranteed quality. Our spiral binding products are professionally created with care and with a sleek, high quality appearance in mind. Our customer’s spiral binding online orders are processed and shipped usually within 24 hours so they will be in the person’s hands and ready to use or distribute almost immediately. So what are you waiting for? Place a spiral binding online order today and have your high quality, flexible printing products available for use in next to no time!