Printing greetings cards!

Published: 2009-06-18

Printing greetings cards!

One of our customers Matt wrote an interesting post on his blog: "(...) I have been printing my own cards for several years now, and the quality is great using my Epson R2400 printer combined with Crane Museo fine art card blanks. However, this is not a cheap approach costing around 60p per card by the time you’ve factored in the ink, envelopes, sleeves etc not to mention the time (it is not a quick process!). As the number of retail outlets that stock my work has increased I have been looking for a more economical and less time consuming way of getting the cards printed. Sure there are lots of printers who will print greetings cards cheaply as long as you want 1000 of each design (not great when you have well over 100 designs!). There are also low-print-run digital services, but they cost more and I have never been impressed with the quality. That was until someone recommended to me.(...)" Thanks Matt!

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