Faster and better printing experience!

Published: 2017-03-02

Faster and better printing experience!

We continue work on developing our system to make your printing experience even faster and better. We have recently added some new useful features which will make it easier for you to get around our site.

The document upload forms have been I split into 2 pages. One for pdf/word files and one for images. This means that the messages have been simplified and there is now only 1 button to click at the button. The pdf and word files can be uploaded the same as before, for image upload go to MY LIBRARY> MY IMAGES.

Another useful feature is an image rotate which enables rotating uploaded images by 90 degrees this enables creating different type of documents through the templates. Also a new important feature is a QUICK SETUP that makes it possible to setup a file by just clicking a button. This basically sets the print options to a pre-set option which is based on the most popular print finishing options matching uploaded documents (page size, number of pages etc.) Quick setup link appears in the price column for each pdf that has NOT been setup.

Finally, we now support Twitter, Gmail and LinkedIn social logins for creating ne accounts and login to them. 

Give it a go and see how easy online printing can be!