Published: 2014-08-10


FilePrint recognise that there are significant revenue streams to be gained by engaging with developers. Both parties will gain by generating income, and the developers have the additional benefit or reducing the complexity of a significant part of their solution.

Automated Print

This technology allows a developer to integrate automated print directly into a solution.

By employing web services, a third party software solution can seamlessly post documents to us for fulfilment.

Solutions might include:

  • Daily Transactional Mail Runs
  • Marketing Mailing Campaigns
  • Document fulfilment driven by a CRM solution
  • Fulfilment for Online Shop - such as greeting cards

Web Services

FilePrint progressively open our technology to developers by the implementation of web services, currently the following solutions are available:

  • Registration
  • Transparent Logging In
  • Posting of Documents
  • Posting of Orders
  • Options, such as paper types
  • Pricing Tool

If you would like to know more about any the development capability of FilePrint please contact our support team.