Developers - sell print not licences!

Published: 2010-02-11

Developers - sell print not licences!

It’s a tough market out there right now, customers don't want to commit to even a modest fee for software. Well here is a solution. If your product outputs to print, then give the software away FREE and generate your revenue from print.

This is how it works:

  • keep your current software version and create a ‘lite’ version which is FREE.
  • the lite version has only one output mode- our Print Solution - FilePrint.
  • your software charges the customer for the print, then automatically posts the order to our server (or you can pass the print to us and we will charge the customer).
  • We then share the margin
  • It’s that easy.


  • The customer pays for a tangible output
  • users ‘pay as you go’ generating a continuous revenue stream
  • easy to implement
  • world distribution