Can you explain booklets and spiral bound document?

Published: 2008-12-09

Can you explain booklets and spiral bound document?

We are often ask how our booklets work. Our software offers different options depending what you upload. So, if you upload a two page A4 the system will give you a variety of options, like double sided, doubled sided with a vertical fold, horizontal fold, and so on.

To get a booklet option you need to upload a document with multiples of 4 pages, ie 4, 8, 12, 16, etc. Uploading a 4 page A4 document will result in a double sided A3 with a fold down (no staples as its one piece of paper).Now, a common issue is that users upload a landscape document - we can only print booklets that fit on a sheet of A3, two landscape A4s cannot fit with a "vertical fold", instead they need to be placed one above the other, so the output is a "top fold". The only option other option if the customer wants the spine on the short edge is to chose a spiral bound, which allows us to print on separate bits of paper.

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