5 reasons why PDF printing is a great idea!

Published: 2019-11-22

5 reasons why PDF printing is a great idea!

PDF printing relates to the professional PDF printing of a document that exists in PDF format. Opting to purchase a service such as PDF printing online can be beneficial for numerous reasons. If the document to be printed is intended to be used in a professional capacity such as in accordance with a board meeting or a business event, then PDFs are altogether more professional in their appearance than word documents or other types of document formats. PDF printing also ensures more security of your intellectual property than other file types.

Here's why PDF printing is a great idea!

On the fence about ordering PDF printing services online? Professional PDF printing comes accompanied by several benefits which we have outlined below to help you decide one way or another as to whether PDF printing could be beneficial to your requirements.

  • With PDF printing, everything your print provider needs is ready to go - PDF printing is incredibly convenient when it comes to communicating information with your print provider or other relevant parties. In fact, the convenience of this document type is hinted in their name - “portable document format”. When you create a PDF document, all of the information that is relevant to the document is contained within the file itself. For example, the specific colour settings, the fonts that have been used throughout the document, and any additional settings. This means that all of your information is safe and easily communicable with your print provider ready for PDF printing. Whatever you have on your screen will perfectly match what your print provider sees on theirs so there is little room for error with PDF printing.
  • With PDF printing, documents cannot be easily edited - We would recommend anyone that is sharing important or business critical information to consider converting their documents to PDFs and PDF printing. PDFs cannot be easily amended meaning that someone cannot open up the file and make accidental edits to the content. Wouldn’t it be awful if you sent a word document across to your coworker for review before sending the document across to your printer and accidental key presses resulted in nonsense spouting out across your document? PDF printing mitigates this risk and equally prevent people from sabotaging your content. PDF printing is secure.
  • PDF printing documents can be finished in a variety of ways - Documents produced with PDF printing are great because they just look so professional. The data and content for PDF printing can be assembled in a way that looks sleek and sophisticated. Perhaps you want to utilise your PDF printing documents in the boardroom or some other form of professional environment and that’s why PDF printing services online are perfect because they allow you to add a little extra oomph to your document. For example, why have a drab, standard PDF printing creation when you can distribute PDF printing documents that have a nice, sheen or glossy feel to them? PDF printing allows flexibility of design and finish.
  • PDF printing equals fewer issues for creative documents - In a similar vein to what is outlined above, the fact that the information is embedded in PDF documents means that your print provider is less likely to experience any issues or have to contact you for more information when it comes to PDF printing. We consider ourselves as experts in our fields but sometimes certain file types can cause problems. For example, perhaps you are a creative whizz that produces stunning visuals and designs on programs such as Adobe Illustrator or InDesign and you want to print these. If you are using custom colours and fonts then these are not stored on the files that you create meaning when you ping these off to your printer, the software cannot find your bespoke font and replaces it with another, completely changing your design in the process. We are sure that that’s not what you want. By contrast, when you create a PDF, all of this information is embedded within the file! PDF printing mitigates errors!
  • PDFs offer a consistent and unchanging view of what the file should look like - When you opt for PDF printing, you know that what you can see on the screen before you is what you are getting. There is absolutely no possibility of text runoff, or the content accidentally spilling over into an additional page when PDF printing as there is when printing a word document or an Excel spreadsheet. PDFs provide a great frame of reference for what the physical copy of the content is going to look like once you have it in your hands. PDF printing is reliable.

As you will note PDF printing is a great printing choice. PDF printing offers a lot of flexibility and PDF printing can be used for important documents, or PDF printing can be used for creative files.

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