Generate ongoing revenue from online printing quickly and easily.

Offer our print services to your customers and earn! Our Affiliate scheme is excellent way of generating an ongoing revenue from online printing quickly and easily. Generate commission with every print sale. It is very simple! Sign up for our scheme, start printing, start earning.

Once you register with us setup your account and provide you with a URL to access the site. This enables us to track your customers with every purchase they make generating a commission for you. You can use your account to sell your own content or resell products we offer. We have a range of templates available, but can also produce custom templates on request. You can choose a full service customisation which will include website, packaging branding, customer newsletter template, your own samples and support. As an affiliate you can create your own bespoke promotions, offer discounts and free samples to your customers. You are completely in charge of the print business model. You can oOrder print on behalf your customers or let them order your content using a bespoke document library. Prints are sent directly to your customers, nationally or internationally. We will provide access to real-time order reports and analytics.

Key Benefits:

  • Extend your existing product and service portfolio easily
  • Generate ongoing revenues with commission on all sales
  • Flexible business model that can fit around your existing one
  • Easy to start-up with expert support

What can we print for them today?

If you would like to join us or need more information please visit our dedicated web-to-print website.